Movies And Their Life Lessons

Movies may not be real life, but they can still teach us REAL life lessons.

Here are a list of my favorite movie,s and the practical lessons that I have learned from them.

The Matrix

Lesson: Don’t always believe in everything you hear or read. Little do you know, you’re actually just food for an alien dominated planet you used to call Earth.



American Psycho

Lesson: Don’t go home with random people. He/she could really be a psychopath, like chainsaw psycho. On the other hand, if you feel like you could be a psycho, you should probably seek professional help. Oh yea, I also learned about the importance of having a nice business card.



The Virgin Suicides

Lesson: Parents, don’t control every aspect of your children’s lives. They might kill themselves to escape.



Pulp Fiction

Lesson: Don’t do drugs.




Fight Club

Lesson: Do what makes you happy. Even if it means beating up yourself and others for fun. Don’t be afraid of what others think about you. Maybe they will think you are awesome and end up joining you.



City of God

Lesson: If you are going Rio, go with someone who knows the place. Not really a life lesson per se, but I just love that movie, and it’s crazy!




No lesson, just an awesome movie. Maybe don’t rob a bank? Get a real job.



Silver Linings Playbook

Lesson: You will love again. Even though it may seem like you will never love again. You will. You were meant to go through that experience so you can appreciate your new budding relationship.



A Single Man

Lesson: Love and cherish your partner, your family, and your friends as much as you can. You never know, one day they  might not be around anymore. Life will move on, you will be happy again.



Pan’s Labyrinth

Lesson: Remember to have integrity in everything you do. Don’t throw other people under the bus, there will ultimately be consequences. It is what you are doing when no one is watching that matters the most. Also, believe in magic. You never know when your most amazing fantasies can come true.



Django Unchained

Lesson: Don’t mess with Jamie Fox, and racism is horrible.



The Sixth Sense

Lesson: Have an open mind. If your kid tells you he can see ghosts, consider the possibility.



Into the Wild  

Lesson: Recognize you are unhappy. Change your life because no one is going to change it for you. Live your life for YOU, not for others.


Summing It All Up
So those are some of my fave movies and the lessons I learned from them. If you are going to commit 2.5-3 hours of your life to something like watching a movie, you might as well learn something valuable from it, right? Any movies that I missed? Send me a comment!

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